Memorial Jewellery

At precious little prints we are use to creating memorial fingerprint and hand and footprint jewellery. We have put this page together as we get a lot of questions about how it works

If you already have a handprint/footprint you would like to create into a special piece of jewellery that is not a problem we can use your  prints to create a piece. We would not want you to have to part with your special handprint/footprint therefore you can either email us a copy over (preferably in JPEG, but we can still use if not). This can be emailed to or if not you can post a photocopy to the details on the contact page. You can place an order then email/post us the copy over with details of the inscription. If you would like us to check that your handprint/footprint is suitable before placing an order that is not a issue just send over a copy. We are use to creating baby memorial jewellery for some very small prints so this is not normally not a problem

If you have not got a print and would like a kit to take the print in a hurry then please order one of our kits from the kit section on the website (is on the righthand side). If you then send us a brief email explaining this is for memorial jewellery we will prioritise your kit to ensure it is sent out asap. You only need one good fingerprint, handprint or footprint and this can be used to make as many pieces as you need. If you know which product you want already you can just order this. All our products include the price of a kit and these are sent out when an order is placed.

The kits we send to take fingerprints are a moulding compound, however we are getting a lot of people come to us that have ink prints taken from Funeral Directors we can use these prints to make a fingerprint charm but they would look different from our traditional fingerprint charms. If you contact us we can send over some photos to show you what we mean

If you have any questions about any aspect please do not hesitate to contact us

Please see links below to order your kit to take the fingerprint now and order your jewellery at a later date